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Windows 12.5.1 Used At Vmware Workstation

Windows 12.5.1 Used At Vmware Workstation

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  • With Virtualization That Expands the Power of  Your PC


By running multiple operating systems, reducing the cost of hardware by 50% on a single pc. To save time and improves the productivity by streamlining the tasks with automations. who are all using the workstation to

  • Overcome the issues of platform migration and legacy applications of hosting
  • In an isolated environment,configure and testing the software & patches
  • For software testing and developments which automating the tasks
  • On a single PC Demonstrating the multi-tier configurations.


  • Concurrently using the multiple Operating system on same pc


To creating and run the multiple virtual machines by vmware workstation on your desktop.Including the processor, peripheral ports with network connections that each virtual machines  representing on the pc. Instantly with a click of mouse that can switch between the operating systems which shares the files between the virtual machines that access all the peripheral devices.


  • Takes an videos with snapshots of your virtual machines


It preserves the state of virtual machines that can return to it at any time that can takes the snapshots.Workstation displays a thumbnail on a single screen in all your snapshots. You can using the workstation 6 records or plays an video files which captures the changes that over a period of time to an virtual machines.


  • On a single host computer runs an entire multi-tier system


With the team of workstation features 6 that connects the network on single piece of hardware for runs an entire multi-tier system.