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Why most of companies migrate to Cloud technology

The connections between a company to willingness to experiments with new idea and employee satisfactions is well known. Company cultures that encourages experiment, have early accessed the new features or product release, carves out time for their team to understanding, test, and tinkers with them allow engineer to be innovative, elevating the team around them, and services client more effectively.

However, how the companies are communicate these experiment and centralise learning across team it is often undervalue for “Innovation sharing” is especially critically allowed in cloud computing migration project, where different line of business are using the cloud in different way it is essentials that one team core learning become another team’s playbooks.

Company that documents and innovation learns to smarter. To implements this in your own teams, start small by create a central Wiki that is control and regularly audit by the senior-most engineer. Scheduled monthly show-and-tell for technical team at Logic works, we scheduled our on Friday and makes them BYOB. For sophisticated cloud team, create a centrals GitHub that house asset like cloud template and reusable script, which can be checked out and modify by individual team. As senior engineer review suggest modification, they are able to standards the best practice and build key learning into template that everyone can reuses.

Good organisation and recognizes the accomplishment of individual contributor. Great organisation celebrates in the shared responsibility of the collective team’s achievement. Every companies has superstar, but few are successful without those superstar as rolling up their sleeve to collaborates and provides mentor ship. This practices and help companies disproved the old adage “you are only as weak as your weakest links” by creating an environments where everyone is empowered to builds on the strength of other.

Simplicity works best here. Hold staff meeting that highlights the performance of teams and discuss projects and updates, goals, and metrics. Talk about who you are plan to hiring and why. The CEO or CFO should discusses the financial of the companies. This is a hard one for many company, but an absolutes game-changer in getting the entire the staff align on revenue strategies.

If you are look for a partners, this is equally phrase. There are many player that appears to looks good on papers, but when you dived deeper are financially unstable, misrepresent service or experience, or lack visions. Company that are forth come in showcase their financial healthy, proven experienced, and vision demonstrates a stronger commitments to current service as well as future growths.

While this is difficult tasks to measured in prospective vendor, it is crucial’s to get reference, certification, and first-hand meeting with non-sale staff up-fronts. To handle the complexity of your project, you want an IT partners you can trusted and that has develop a positive internal cultures that value your businesses.
Keep employee and client successful, engage, and innovative is about investing in cultivate a culture that empower staffs, value innovation sharing, and continue challenge itself to evolves as a cloud industry. Although the principle outlined above level may seem like common sense, surprise few company actually embedded them into their cultures. The company that do will reached the exceed their cloud goal.

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