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Informatica Repository and Its Repository Server

Informatica Repository and Its Repository Server


The repository of the powercenter will be at the relational database. The table of the repository database will contain the informations that are required for the extract, transform and data load will takes place. The client applications of the PowerCenter will access the table of repository database. Adding metadata to the table of repository that has been at the application of Client only when there is a running world. Performing the task at the client application of PowerCenter like analysing the source, creating the workflows, creating the users, developing the mapplets, etc.

The metadata can be shared by developing the local repositories and global repositories

1.Local Repository: A local repository will be within the domain. Local Repositories will be used at the place of development. Creating the shortcuts to the objects can be created through shared folders at the global repository. The objects will include the common dimensions, source definitions, enterprise standard transformations and lookups. we can also able to share the object copies in the non-shared folders.

  1. Global Repository: This repository is the domain’s hub. the global repository is used to store the objects that many developer can use it through shortcuts. The definition of Applicational source or Operational Source, transformations that can be reused, mappings and mapplets.
  1. Controlling the Versions: Storing multiple copies or version can be done through the version repository or versions of an object. Version is a object that some unique properties. the version control feature of PowerCenter will helps in the development, test and deploying the metadata in production. Thus we can be able to connect to the backup delete, repository and restore repository with the use of a command line program named as pmrep. Viewing much of the metadata repository.

Thus the Metadata Exchange in Informatica will provide the relational views that will the easy access of SQL to the metadata repository of informatica.

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