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The Essential Hadoop tools are Bigdata Jam

The Essential Hadoop tools are Bigdata Jam

Our Hadoop Institute in chennai teaches about the grown technology of hadoop.

Hadoop is used to spread the work into computer. This is core of large collection of projects with housekeeping monitoring progress.

Hadoop training in Chennai community support and evolve the clusters of enhancements to add their own tools

Hadoop has two steps:

  • Map
  • Reduce

These steps are allows programmer to write code and concentrate and also failures are accepted.

Apache Hadoop

It is used for official distribution. The Apache hadoop library is scale up the framework of large data with across the clusters of simple programming.

Models are included in Projects those are:

  • Hadoop Common
  • Hadoop Distributed file system
  • Hadoop YARN
  • Hadoop MapReduce

Apache Ambari

Its one of software package manage the clusters are present in hadoop software.

Hadoop distributed file Systems used to manage the basic framework of cluster splitting data across underpinning hadoop.


This is one of big table of hbase will store automatic share across multiple nodes. This runs locally which consists of local versions.

The system is encoded with HareDB GUI interface Client.

Apache Hive

Data Accessible through built of hadoop that makes datawarehouse concepts implement with SQL Language.

Apache Sqoop

In this tool transfer the data with hadoop and store other data also.

Apache Pig

Its platform of running code to synchronize  parallely running code.


It’s a tool for configure synchronizing data of hadoop.

Apache Mahout

This tool is designed to run machine learning library with data stored.

Apache Avro Used to serialize your data present in system.