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Salesforce User Tips


The Salesforce make one life easier and reveal statistics which help in future. Some of us have trained to extent by admin but it needs self learning to take an advantage. The areas provided by Salesforce admin are sales dashboards and reports or opportunities list. Many of training institutes in Chennai provides Salesforce training.


When using Salesforce most of us spend time in looking for various list views. The lists of opportunities in today’s leads have come from different websites or list of currently and one may probably deal with the daily basis. Now it’s likely more not experienced in Salesforce users going to quire content standard views of list Salesforce provide one to know better. Only the user going to know effective way to work individually with the company. Whether it’s using the multiple list view and also can get switch with relevant information and using single list view in specific way.


Suppose if company is user of Salesforce and if it is fully integrated to one business process then there is good chance to come across email templates. In similar way of list view one can probably has some template standard for functionality of mail merge to mix with one life easier.


If someone is unfamiliar with Salesforce reports then one should get acquainted with reports of Salesforce. There is no other good way to get the statistics of Salesforce than the reports. Similar to list of view one will probably has manager or admin for reports to show information created. A report entirely depends on what one interested in doing.


It’s natural to follow up to reports is the Dashboards. Dashboards are reports visual representation and one can have maximum up to 20 tables, list or charts. Each of these is component and can be arranged as we like. All components relates to the one reports.


There are lots of users not known about this APPExchange. An APPExchange is like app store for iphones. One can freely install and paid apps in Salesforce organization which provide functionality in extra. Apps range from free simple programs which can install in dashboards in to systems like a cloud accountancy software. It is worth to check of simple app and make it lot easier then admin.

To find best Salesforce training in Chennai one must consider following things

  • Training institute with good training experts with experience and must work in real time IT fields and must be certified in subject
  • Customized syllabus which covers topic from basic to advanced levels
  • Institute must give training in interview preparations
  • Lab facilities with latest technologies and must have good infrastructure
  • Fee structure which should be flexible

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