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The difference between and explained in terms of cloud industry. Salesforce is product of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). This is the fundamental concepts of cloud computing and it take software off from computer in to the cloud. The example of SaaS product is Google apps, Go To Meeting and drop box. However we have another two products on cloud. is product of PaaS (Platform-as-a-Service). This concept is not type of products like Go To Meeting instead it consists of Framework or application to build the application into it.  The other is IaaS which is Infrastructure-as-a-Service. This IaaS doesn’t concern much to us and its renting physical server in warehouse from the Rack space. Saas and Paas

Just like Google apps or GoToMeeting provide solution with three core products like service cloud, Marketing cloud and the Sales cloud. The best is Sales Cloud which gives opportunities, start logging leads and running reports etc. In today one can buy but it do not have out of box solutions, opportunities or accounts, no access, no leads etc.

One must have custom objects, tabs, workflow rules; build apps all by oneself to design the systems which are used by you. This is where one must note, as some of know the features are there in Well the is built on platform of seamlessly. When one purchasing licenses for sales cloud one can get all of leads and accounts i.e. normal tabs and also has ability to customize all the platforms using the

This is the reason for Salesforce to make an effort for creating distinction between the custom and standard objects in the certification as two is different which has limitations and interact differently with each other. So when one build customs objects and adding workflows, processes of approval etc. using the The App exchange partner exactly is same for designing apps. They create on platform of possibly using the web services of external and packing them for ready to download for all.

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