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New Features of SalesForce


Sales cloud engine is tool which in future going to bring together the Marketing information of Pardot and the sales cloud. This sales cloud teaches how the customers are interacting with the campaigns of marketing. This is great step for the salesforce as their can tie together the sales cloud and the marketing. These types bring the better advantages for both the sales people and the marketers.


The insights of prospecting are the new features which add the Salesforce to their product set of Prospecting of insights allows one look at different trends from the ones prospects industry. This gives us the information of financial such as revenue, information of stock and the fiscal year. This also expands to give the same information of our competitors also. The important and interesting section here is we can see advice for the company contact which includes the questions for call preparations, trends of industry and landscape of competitive from all the industry experts.


For all customers built the sales channel community which creates addition to the communities. Any features of salesforce can extend from core of CRM and partner communities. Not only one has ability to create their reports on own but also it become more self sufficient instead on relaying to sales person of internal to do the work.


The rollup of cumulative forecast allows sales manager to roll up the figures of sales from one category to other which gives them ability to forecast it more effectively and accurately. From the quick glimpse of salesforce setup screen we can say that the forecast of default category is best case, commit, and pipeline and closed. One can choose display of cumulative rollup instead which gives more opportunities than the other category.


Recently they have blogged about salesforce roundup that Microsoft and Salesforce working together to bring the new app for the outlook. This is one of great steps for outlook users and needed much update. The features of the outlook APP include the being able to view instantly the related to the contact records and will be able to add the outlook new records will keep in line the Sync exchange.

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