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Mapping Development in Informatica

Mapping Development in Informatica

The blog provide a checklist to consider the ETL development projects and it will be used to cover the guidelines and tips to be considered for the development.

ETL Development tips

  • A clear picture for the end-to-end processes is very important before designing the mapping. Thus it is really a better practice for the creation of a high-level view of mapping and the process for documentation of the picture, with the description of textual form. Here the mapping is to accomplish and the steps will be followed to accomplish the goal.
  • Later, the details will be documented, In the process of documentation, the listing of the source fields and target fields will takes place, so as to create the targeted fields.
  • The mapping and reusable objects will be created. This work will be continuously updated, since the work will be in progress.
  • Reviewing the mapping design that has been completed.

Guidelines for specific mapping development in informatica 

  • Bringing all the target and source objects for mapping.
  • The fields that are required.
  • Connect the fields that are required to use by connecting from the source qualifier.
  • Filtering early and manipulating the data to be transformed and moved.
  • The non-essential record passing through the mapping must be reduced.
  • To retrieve the desired results, must create the lookup.
  • The number of transformations must be reduced, since it will increase overhead.
  • The shared memory must be increased on using a transformation in larger number.
  • The local or global variables used to reduce the functioning times.
  • The compatible data types will be converted automatically by the informatica engine to watch the data type.
  • The appropriate driving and master table must be selected when on joining the sources.
  • Reduce the records in the mapping as early as possible .
  • It is inefficient to use the excessive number of conversion.
  • For executing the records and slow performance, Must reduce the stored procedures in the field level.

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