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Features of SalesForce

Salesforce is the powerhouse with huge standard amount of features with average admin. The features of salesforce are as follows


The auto response rules are used in sending email automatically to the leads based on criteria. These let the customers to receive the request and the dealing. Different templates is set up for the multiple rules and email to the personalize mail send to the customers.


The divisions can be used for data organization segments in to the logical sections. These kinds of divisions used when making reports, list views and searching. This used in organizations with the large amount of data and the techniques of reporting. Divisions is enabled by the salesforce


The territory management is system of account sharing which grants access to the account based on accounts characteristics. It enables to structure the sharing system which suits the territories sales. These are structures like hierarchies of roles but don’t follow same layouts. It can be geographical to which suits the team best. Territories is enabled by the salesforce


Salesforce designed to have model of business to business. Person allows opening the possibility to make use of B2B model. It means one has the account of person as well as the account of business. The account of person is added in the salesforce as new account type. Persons account is enabled by the salesforce


The model of private sharing often needs the multiple people from various departments to collaborate with accounts of sales and account team. Team allows specifying the members of organization to collaborate with the specific access level for each member to record.


Salesforce to salesforce enable to share ones CRM data between the other industries by using salesforce. The salesforce platform doesn’t require the development of custom. This sets up in way to share the data which you want to share.


This allows one to deliver the documents to the contacts of salesforce by providing the links of custom. The delivery of content can be viewed through the link of webpage. They also have many options regarding sending which includes password protecting, notifying of delivery viewed and download the options of locking down.


The outbound messages define the workflow of salesforce. The outbound message options with triggered allow one to contact the server of external outside of salesforce for performing certain functions.

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