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Excited SQL server by using Big Data

Excited SQL server by using Big Data

The exclusive five reasons to upgrade your analytics by using Hadoop.

this year top three reasons are included about new features to enable the deep technologies.

Do you get polybase  knowledge?

Big Data has included the new feature about polybase. Our Hadoop Training in chennai has to integrate about this new technology of polybase with aligned structure. One of feature used to align your applications.

What is polybase?

Do you have idea for connect the SQL and hadoop?

Right now we have well opportunity to fill up bridge to hadoop training and SQL. It allows standard T-SQL query which is used to reach hadoop cluster.

It Evaluate environment of Data Lake.

What are the five reason get excited SQL Server?

Without new tool can do big data

Have you heard about this new implementation is not about biggest selling. polybase use very common structure about SQL with SQL Server management. The data can store hadoop cluster.

Flexible Storage Option

Polybase Does not required SQL server. It Persist external storage with scroll of big data.It should keep up,Windows Azure Blob Storage

Hadoop cluster have take advantage of polybase ability and it place azure storage with location information.

Scalable performance Management

Polybase is pretty good and manage performance of remotely executed queries. The data has transport the SQL Server. Mapreduce application uses YARN cluster functionality.

Aligned Security

Security is aligned for important navigation about data management with project. This used to allow login at hadoop cluster.

This standard SQL Security uses for enterprise resources. Transparent Data Encryption support to ensure.

Platform Support

Polybase includes Platforms of below,

  • Cloud CDH 4.3
  • Cloud CDH 5.1
  • Hortonworks HDP 1.3
  • Hortonworks HDP 2.1
  • Hortonworks HDP 2.2

We have addition works like azure HDinsight, Blob storage, Data Lake.

Polybase Connected to windows to get started for new own setting.