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Best 5 Trends Of Big Data On 2016

Best 5 Trends Of Big Data On 2016

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  • Beyond the hadoop, big data strategies

On a business-focused data strategies that will see the towards the shift. It involves the chief data officers and a leaders of  business  which will guided by opportunities of innovations and creating a value of business from data. Recent generations of exciting advances in data science and techniques of data engineering which spark creative business and infrastructure of data that supports the role.

  • Mapreduce Extends From Apache spark

Expecting the explosion of spark adoption through an followers that replacing the legacy platforms of data management that dominates the buzz in 2015  which will greatly reducing the requirements for the process of mapreduce.

  • Open Machine Learning with Deep Learning

Latest projects combines a growing of existing open source platforms of machine learning for implements the deep learning communities. After a few weeks released its technology. At fingerprints the world’s leading algorithms for advanced predictive analytics which have value from data in several ways.

  • Through AI enable the world

Medical diagnosis  are excited the present generation of  imaginations with technologists. Making it possible that the parallel computing is most accessible that the distributing powers for experimenting the many novel ideas. At the same time that the rich data to be needed for machine learning algorithms are diverse with more prolific and readily available.

  • Matures of  IOT

Use of sensors and devices to be interconnected that has been interesting advances in few years with their companies like cisco system and contributes the ericson. About many things that devices are produced the large volumes that never mentioned. Its collection of data generates and analyze a explosion of advanced new products and recent concepts