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A Simple Guide to Become a Certified in Salesforce

A Simple Guide to Become a Certified in Salesforce

Today, Salesforce developer and admin jobs has become so hot. As there is a demand in the domain salesforce, the hiring companies were requiring more developers and Certified administrators in Salesforce to maintain and to implement the systems. Marketing yourself as a Salesforce expert and getting  Salesforce training in chennai will make us to be outstanding among other employees.

You can be able to receive the Salesforce Certification in the paths like Sales Cloud, Developer, Service Cloud, Administrator, Advanced Developer, Advanced Administrator and Technical Architect.

Learn Salesforce by finding them in the Salesforce Classes sites, or can be gain it with our local area, experience gaining in the research guides through online.

We become certified through the material, experience or by learning for the exam. Salesforce certification has the following tracking listed below:

  1. Administrator Track – Administrator Track involves in the Following


  • Administrator: The administrator will manages the users, maintains and customizes the Cloud applications of Sales and applications, manages the data and security, dashboards and workflow, on the website of Salesforce Administrator.


  • Advanced Administrator: By the capabilities of Salesforce had a leverages on advanced administration like optimizing the Sales Cloud, Service cloud application, extending the Sales Cloud, dashboards, process of automation in the business, etc.

2.Developer Track

  • Developer: The point-click capabilities of the platforms has been used to build the custom applications, data model designs, business logic, design reports, user interface, security for the custom applications, dashboards and on the basis of the website of Salesforce Developers.
  • Advanced Developer: The custom applications is developed through the Visualforce and Apex, writes and executes the test plan in comprehensive, manages the environment and development lifecycle.

3.Architects Track

Technical Architect: The technical architecture will be designed with the solution which may span the platforms in multiple and will include the authentications and integration across the systems, the delivery of the highly secure solution will be ensured, manages  the development lifecycle, performance and built to scale

4.Implementation Experts Track

  • Sales Cloud Consultant
  • Service Cloud Consultant

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