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5 latest features of linux openstack platform 7

5 Latest Features of Linux OpenStack

RedHat Linux Openstack Platform will deliver you an integrated foundation and that is to create, deployed and can scale with a secure reliable private or with public Openstack cloud. This Platform will combines you with the world’s leading Linux and with the fast growing cloud infrastructure platform to be more agile is meeting the customer demand without sacrificing the availability and security with its performance. This can be mentioned with the service infrastructure. It is usage is easy with the distribution of service. It will run with just made RedHat Linux Platform. With this Linux Openstack you can develop and manage the entire openstack concept. The live system will get updates with this new upgrades. Among the Openstack business with Internet service provider and telecommunication and it attain the public cloud hosting provider. Exact Linux Training in Chennai is offered by our industry experts to attain your career goal.

Some of the Linux Openstack features are

  • Live system upgrade
  • Bare-metal provisioning
  • Managing the new RedHat Linux Openstack
  • Expand Network support for IPV6
  • High Availability

Features of Linux Openstack 7 version

Simplified Management and Deployment
This cloud operator will provide the simple means in daily life. By using this new Linux Openstack platform, you can manage the cloud operations. It is very simple to install with the wide system health checking. It is readily easy to manage the operators with resource provisioning to include with an automated resource. Openstack project management will make the new director to combine with the multiple technology with the powerful tool to establish the new framework which is used as the real orchestrated. The upgraded version 7 will be subsequently released.

Security Control

Many customers will provide the latest control which can get over the network traffic with some port level. This Linux openstack will introduce the neutron layer to give more secure with this openstack port. This mechanism will include the Kilo Community release. This is to maintain the security level with the best openstack cloud. It can be virtualized network function to obtain the virtual machine. Get the advanced techniques of VMware which is offered in Our VMware Training institute in Chennai.

Network Flexibility

Network Operator will obtain the feature with more flexible and improved redundancy of network. It can include some of the IPV6 to enhance the featured level to increase the ability with the direct routing network to attain the tenant and external gateway. High availability of router will improve the monitoring technique which can help the operator to generate the up time.

High availability workloads on Open Stack

Linux Openstack OS introduces the compute host node HA through Red Hat Enterprise Linux can integrate, monitor and obtain the fail over services. Making it easier to migrate traditional, business-critical applications that require high availability to Open Stack. It includes the ability to automatically evacuate virtual machines from hosts, and restart workloads on alternate, available hosts.

Backup Increment

Advanced level of storage administrator by generating your benefits with the Greater backup storage and that can be used to reduce the capacity need. This will produced the additional support with NFS file system type. You can reduce the some of the amount storage time which can be required with backing up techniques.

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