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3 key reasons for customers to move Virtual volumes

3 key reasons for customers to move Virtual volumes

Our vmware training center in chennai will help you to analyse your skills in a latest technological way and you can achieve your career. Our vmware courses in chennai will provide you classes with experienced faculties and you can also practice at real time projects. Now Our Vmware hp training center chennai will deliver about 3 reasons about customers moving towards virtual volumes.


  • VvOls delivers array native capabilities to VMs


Thus Vms virtual disk become native objects on storage array, it will help you to execute clones and snapshots natively. If VM is placed on Vvol datastore then you can get benefits like

  • Quality of service
  • Clones
  • Snapshots
  • Replication etc.

These snapshots are mainly used in backups, clones will be including full and linked clones and quality of service will be a fine grained control over performance. Thus this integrational value will enhance the skills of the customers to get their storage investment in a full swing and taking full advantage of different capability and it will provide full advantage in different capabilities.

  1. Vvols removes Datastore management headache

In vmware sectors many of the customers are following multiple tasks like datastores and LUN’s . so it causes complexion and complication in the business’s role like

  • Providing a pool of capacity for VM’s
  • Endpoint for I/O
  • Object that has array capabilities.

Thus overloading of multiple roles in Vmware will lead to  increased complexity and also it will decrease the flexibility. Thus Each datastore has to manage adds complexity operations like load balancing, capacity planning and application placement.  This virtual volumes will simplify the store management for both vsphere and storage admins.  It will help the IT professionals to do their work in a short span of time in a smarter way.

  1. Aligning storage to applications

Customers always like to service their data at right time with efficiently. Thus virtual volume will help you to drive management based on policy driven approach.

This policy based management will allow the customers to work on

  • Creating policies for each storage
  • Applying policies to workloads during provisioning of time.
  • Monitor policy compliance.

Conclusion :

Thus Vmware chennai will be providing classes based on real time projects and based on latest trends and technologies.